The Last New Yorker is actually a daring piece of work…The star of the picture is the scenery. Wang and McKane eschew grand monumental shots. They are concerned with a city that is lived in—shops, cafés, markets, walkable streets, welcoming avenues—and while their acute color pleases the eye, they imply all along that these buildings are filled with people, and that today, if we listen carefully, we can hear the hum of their lives.

Stanley Kauffman, The New Republic

It's hard not to be moved by a film so hopelessly sweet.

Henry Stewart, L Magazine

Guided by photographer-turned-director Harvey Wang's keen eye for Manhattan's fast-disappearing landscape of dive bars, diners, and bodegas The Last New Yorker is a delightful chamber piece of romantic comedy…You don't have to be a New Yorker to get a kick out of this great little gem of a movie.

Cole Smithey

The best thing about this tiny independent film is its evocation of the relentless speed with which the city tears down and rebuilds itself, driving out older, less affluent residents…Mr. Chianese brings out the heartbreaking loneliness under [his character’s] curmudgeonly grandiosity.

Stephen Holden, The New York Times

Reaching the surprising resolution proves to be all the fun in this measured, minimalist masterpiece.

Kam Williams, NewsBlaze Syndicate

Derek McKane's moody camerawork makes Gotham look grand.

V. A. Musetto, New York Post

Classic New York City spots and a bigheart make it feel like home.

Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News

The Last New Yorker is a tender film, full of meaningful performances and a whimsical appreciation for old age and forgotten traditions.

Abe Fried-Tanzer, WSN

An ode to the last remnants of a pregentrified New York, photographer-turned-filmmaker Harvey Wang’s debut feature is visually sumptuous, and there’s a subtlety in its depiction of the rapidly changing landscape… The Last New Yorker offers not just a rare portrait of urban septuagenarians, but one without a hint of dewy-eyed nostalgia.

Andrew Grant, Time Out New York

A must-see for any lover of New York City… The Last New Yorker is a heartfelt ode to one of the world’s greatest cities.

Kyle Rupprecht,

The mix of drama, comedy and some rather fanciful plot twists might remind you of the 1981 Louis Malle-John Guare picture Atlantic City. ...The movie is more of a character study and mood piece than a tough-minded docudrama about the financial realities of contemporary Manhattan. ...Wang and Forgash have made a little gem — one of those movies in which the journey is so interesting that you don’t care so much about the final destination.

Joe Meyers, The Connecticut Post

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